Fink packages for EDA

If you're looking for open-source EDA software that runs under Mac OS X, you've come to the right place.

The rest of this page assumes that you have Fink, Xcode, and some version of X11 installed on your machine.

Getting Started

Binary packages

Most users will now be able to make use of the binary packages offered by the Todai Fink Team.

Whether you use pre-built binary packages, or you build your own, you will probably be best served by the "unstable" tree of Fink.

Building from Source

If you have previously used gEDA on OS X, you may have had to build from source. This is no longer necessary; see above. Also, the source for package description files has changed. You no longer need to download package description files separately from CVS - they are updated when you run "fink selfupdate".


The gEDA bundle

Installing the geda-bundle package will attempt to pull in a number of useful EDA packages. If you have some time and disk space to spare, run fink install geda-bundle.

Reorganization for gEDA 1.6.0

When the gEDA project released 1.6.0, they moved to a single distribution file for gschem and friends. The Fink packages now reflect this change in packaging. If you only want the core gEDA packages, run fink install geda-gaf.

Project web site:
Fink repository: geda-bundle


Use ngspice for your analog and mixed-signal simulations.

Project web site:
Fink repository: ngspice


PCB allows you to design PCBs. You can use gnetlist (part of geda-gnetlist) to create a netlist to ensure that your PCB matches a schematic diagram created with gschem. You can then use gsch2pcb to forward-annotate the PCB with part footprint and attribute information from your schematic.

Project web site:
Fink repository: pcb


Once you have laid out the entire circuit, you will probably want to generate Gerber files and verify them. That's where gerbv comes in handy.

Project web site:
Fink repository: gerbv

Icarus Verilog

Icarus Verilog is a Verilog simulation and synthesis engine. Mac OS X support has been in Icarus for a while; however, this Fink package makes it easier to deal with all of the library and tool dependencies.

If you are interested in the latest development version of Icarus, you can see if the snapshot package has been updated.

You may also be interested in the Icarus Verilog testbench.

Project web site:
Fink repository: iverilog


No warranties, etc. <insert boilerplate legal text here> I only wrote the description files, not the software-- it is your responsibility to check each package for license information. If it breaks, you get to keep the pieces.

Charles Lepple
Last updated: 2009-12-05 12:59 PM EST