during freshman year, all of my spare time went to the virginia tech solar car team. since some professors saw fit to kill said project, i joined the autonomous vehicle team. After two years of mild success there, I moved on.

I suppose it could have been worse. the virginia tech autonomous vehicles swept the design competition my sophomore year. herbie tied for second place with ivan.

during my junior year i was in charge of rebuilding ivan. ivan ran linux, and did respectably, beating out Dave Mayhew's Artemis (which should have won).

when i'm not working on large-scale stuff, i enjoy playing with microcontrollers and other hardware. my legacy in high school was a refrigerator. not just any refrigerator. this one told you the temperature, humidity, ambient light level, and how many seconds left until graduation (not to mention the access control system for the door). after all, you can't afford to let just anyone open a refrigerator this nifty.

you could say i lived in the perfect atmosphere for this sort of thing. brian, a fellow EE, was one of my roommates for three years. ben is also a bona fide uebergeek.

living in a townhouse with three other roommates, we needed a way to keep track of who owed whom for what utility bill. Our PHP+MySQL-based "bill tracker (in search of a better name)", or BTISBN, has now graduated to SourceForge.

these days, I use a PowerBook G4 15" as my desktop machine, and I have spent some time porting open source EDA software to Fink. Results are here

I am also working on libhid and NUT. Apparently, the nut-upsuser and nut-upsdev archives do not show up in search engines, so hopefully these links will help.


Charles Lepple
last updated: 15 aug 2005