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  1. JTAG adapter for Digilent XC2-XL Xilinx CPLD board

    Published: Tue 23 September 2014
    Updated: Tue 23 September 2014

    In Electronics.

    Here are some notes for connecting a Digilent XC2-XL CPLD board to a standard 20-pin JTAG header.

    Note that Pin 1 for J1 is at the bottom of the board, closest to the J1 label (also has a square pad on the solder side).

    In OpenOCD 0.8.0, the ...

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  2. Porsche 944 : Cruise Control

    Published: Wed 17 September 2014
    Updated: Tue 23 September 2014

    In Porsche.

    Note: nearly ten years after I sold the 944, I still get a fair number of web visitors. I ran across the original servo and its controller in the basement the other day, so I thought I'd post some updated commentary. The original technical content is from 2003.

    Here ...

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  3. Fink packages for EDA: Why?

    Published: Tue 26 September 2006

    In Fink.

    Why Fink?

    It took a bit of arm-twisting for me to realize why anyone would want a packaging system on OS X. After all, it goes against the idea that we can just move app bundles wherever we want. Or, we could just compile from source, like people did for ...

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  4. Parallel Port Info

    Parallel Port Miscellany

    by Charles Lepple


    Parallel port documentation for IBM PC compatibles can be inconsistent. Most sources quote other sources, and little information is based on first-hand experience. This document is meant to remedy this shortfall.


    The PC parallel port outputs TTL-compatible logic signals, although in most ...

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  5. Porsche 944 : Cruise Control : Pinouts

    Published: Wed 17 October 2001

    In Porsche.

    944, '83-'85

    Pin Function Sense
    servo color gender controller
    - 1 V+ (tied to ignition)
    - 3 Cancel button normally tied to V+
    - 4 Accelerate button tied to V+ when pressed
    - 6 Resume button tied to V+ when pressed
    - 14 Clutch disable switch normally tied to ground
    - 11 Hall effect sensor ...
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